Rules and general information

Each participant declares that he/she is participating voluntarily. The organizer reserves the right to make changes and errors in the program and the regulations. Only properly registered runners with the start number of the race prominently displayed on their chest may participate in the race. Local regulations for races are taken from the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and Czech Athletic Federation (CAS). Participation in the race is at your own risk. It is the personal responsibility of the runners to decide on their physical fitness and ability to run the full distance. The race will take place regardless of weather conditions.
The organizer is not responsible for any personal injury, damage to property or any other damage arising in connection with participation in or watching the race. Each participant is obliged to have health insurance for the duration of the race in case of emergency treatment or hospitalization. All photographs and video footage taken during the race may be used by the organiser for self-promotion without payment. The participant agrees to the publication of the results in the results list. None of the organisers' decisions are subject to judicial review.
The participant is obliged to comply with the government regulations concerning COVID-19. In case of non-compliance, the organizer is entitled to refuse the competitor to enter the race or to exclude him from the race.

The registration is considered valid only after it has been paid, in the amount valid on the date of payment, which is credited in full to the organizer's account or paid in cash. The registration fee confirmed by the participant in the order is final, non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another person or event.

Each participant must follow the instructions of the organizers, volunteers and referees, even if asked to leave the race route and not continue. Violation of one or more of the above rules (especially number manipulation) or IAAF/CAS rules may lead to disqualification from the event and removal from the results list without compensation. Each participant is obliged to read and respect the important information and instructions published by the organiser on its website prior to the event. It is strictly forbidden to use skates, bicycles or any other means of transport along the entire length of the course and to shorten the race course in any way. Each participant is required to write on the back of the start number contact details, medication taken and any allergies to be treated. The prizes for the winners are set separately for each race and published on the organiser's website. Prizes are not legally enforceable.

Time limit:
The time limit for the 6.4 km race is 60 minutes.

Timekeeping and results:
It is strictly forbidden to manipulate the starting number in any way. The starting number must be visibly displayed on the chest at all times during the race. It is forbidden to overlap it in any way. The regularity of the race is supervised by the TIME referees. The starting number is non-transferable. Violation leads to disqualification.